Posted by: englishdubai | June 7, 2006

The Tax Man Cometh…

Well at least I hope not. One of the attractions of working in Dubai is the prospect of 0% rate of income tax. However you need to declare to the Inland revenue that your are “not ordinarily resident” in the UK. There is a really nice explanation of what this means here. The short answer is that I need to be working abroad until at least April 2008 with no more than 183 days spent back in the UK and not to forget to complete a P85 form and have it stamped by the Inland Revenue.

The thought that coming back before April 2008 and facing a rather large tax bill on my return has really made me sharpen my resolve that I need to make things a success whilst I am there. Mind you, any other thought had never really occurred to me.

Well another form completed and sent off – I seem to be spending a lot of time filling in forms and dealing with bureaucracy. Whatever happened to e-Government?


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