Posted by: englishdubai | June 15, 2006

Let it rain, let it rain

Had a fun business trip to Dublin. Got to have a good look around Croke Park a really amazing venue – the rebuild of Lansdown road has a lot to live up to. Shame I wasn’t there 24 hours earlier as Robbie Williams had played a gig there the night before.

I am not sure what it is – but wandering around Temple Bar felt very “European” much more so than London. I think this was reinforced by groups of World Cup fans (Italy and Brazil) who were walking/singing in their national colours. It felt very cosmopolitan. To find the Irish spirit we took in some live Irish music and a couple of pints of Bulmer’s finest Irish cider.

The trip was a little marred by a 2 hour delay to the flight home. We were only told of some “weather conditions” in London causing a flight backlog. Turns out there was a “monsoon” in London – shame there is more than likely going to be a drought order soon by Thames water.


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