Posted by: englishdubai | June 15, 2006

Let’s Automate

I was browsing the royal mail website to check on the cost of international mail re-direction (68UKP for a year seemed quite reasonable) when I came across a service they offer – – here you give them your change of address details and moving dates. Then go through a fairly extensive list of organizations from banks to charities that you might have contact with. For those that you have a relationship with you provide the relative details and the website informs them.

I though this sounded way too good to be true. After some initial excitement it seems that even in this Internet world we live in the royal mail are running this service for a good reason. From the 28 (!) organizations that they listed they could only move 4 electronically – the other 24 I would have to send them a letter! sounds like good business for the royal mail!

In fairness to the service it does provide a very good list of companies and government agencies that you really should inform when moving house and not just abroad – many of which would have escaped my attention.

Despite my best efforts with this service I have gone the manual route and am calling each of this organisations directly. Any I miss I will pick up via Royal Mail’s re-direction service.

Well at least I tried….


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