Posted by: englishdubai | June 18, 2006

Where is the Love?

This weekend a couple of friends and I went along to Wembley arena to watch the Black Eyed Peas and Pussycat Dolls play.

I came away from the concert feeling that the £35+booking fee I paid for my ticket was not only tremendous value but a key to seeing some truly excellent performances. The Pussycat Dolls performed with bucketful’s of sexiness and were the perfect starter for an entrée of Peas.

Now, I am not a massive fan of the BEPs but after witnessing a over two hours of them deliver s across a gamut of musical styles I was well and truly hooked. My top five favourite moments from the concert:

  1. The whole crowd going “retarded” to the song “shut up” – I am not sure I have seen a crowd rock so hard
  2. Fergie’s cover/tribute of “Sweet Child o’mine” – summed up her vocal talents
  3. William’s beatbox/drumming solo – this dude really can walk and chew gum
  4. and Taboo’s Hip Hop tribute to Eminem, 50 cent and house of pain – I really wanted to go to “the after party”
  5. The “Where is the Love?” performance – mobile phones are the new lighters…

I am now well and truly a converted BEP fan and will now promote both their albums to my iPod (heady heights indeed). The way they fused together a broad range of music from hip hop to reggae to make their own unique sound was nice to hear that a band whose songs do not sound the same but are instantly identifiable as BEP.

BEP music for the next generation?…….I think so.


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