Posted by: englishdubai | June 21, 2006

One week and counting

Well nearly time to make the trip to sunnier climes. Looking back over the past few weeks I have managed to get quite a lot done:

  1. Flat Rented
  2. Car sold (so sad to see that go)
  3. Tax man dealt with
  4. Work visa obtained
  5. Removals arranged

Just a few more things to sort out – need to get that kitchen rewired and perhaps a matching hob installed to go along with the new oven I just got. Other than that I need to start on the epic task of packing. I have managed to recycle over two years of PC and What Hi-Fi mags and given away about half of my spirits collection (can’t take any of that with me)

This weekend will see me disconnect my digital life ready for Pickfords to come and collect it all – put it in a container and sail it all to Dubai.

Goodbye all precious toys ….


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