Posted by: englishdubai | June 24, 2006

Two Screens are Better than one

Yesterday was the official launch day for the Nintendo DS lite I have to admit for falling for the hype and picking one up. Something that I am now very pleased that I did. I have owned a Sony PSP for sometime now having got one before the UK launch. The difference between the two is quite remarkable.

Sure the PSP is a marvel of engineering with a great wide screen display, super crisp 3D graphics and the ability to view photos/movies and listen to mp3s – it is just that none of the games I have played on it have really “grabbed” me. Not that I am short of PSP games I have over 20, but perhaps I have just not found the right ones.

The Nintendo DS lite on the other hand is a model of simplicity. The dual screens and touch screen are used perfectly in the few titles I have played. The games really have grabbed me and have refused to let go:

  1. Mario Kart DS – all my old favourite tracks from previous mario kart versions and a whole bunch of new ones – just the best Mario Kart ever on any platform
  2. Brain Training – some software that had introduced me to the word of sudoku (completed my first 5 sudoku puzzles ever) and has me enthralled with trying to improve my brain age
  3. Advanced Wars Dual Strike – just an awesome turn based strategy game

And I haven’t even tried Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney or Metroid Prime.

I will be keeping the PSP and exploring some other games on it – but for me the hand-held that goes in my hand luggage this Wednesday is the Nintendo DS Lite. In addition to my video iPod of course.


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