Posted by: englishdubai | July 8, 2006

Boom! shake-shake-shake the room Boom!

I am currenty staying a hotel for up to 30days and I realised how much I was missing listening to music – sure I could play it through my laptop but the speakers are so tinny it actually puts me off – the other alternative to walk around my hotel room with my ipod and earphones on isn’t entirely practical so I decided I wanted some external speakers for my iPod.

While on holiday in Vegas a friend of mine brought a Bose Sounddock – and very pleasant sounding it was as well. The only drawback I felt with that unit was you couldn’t fill it with batteries and essentially use it as a mobile ghetto blaster. Also after some research at the ilounge (THE seminal iPod site) I decided that the Altec Lansing IM7 was the one for me. I managed to locate one at Carrefour and was impressed that it worked out £10 cheaper than if I had have brought it from

I had it up in running in about 30 seconds and I was impressed straight away by the clarity and nice tight bass lines it produced. Thinking back it has the edge over the Bose unit in terms of sound quality and overall volume. I also really liked the hidden rubberized handle for lugging it around. I am now tempted at looking at other smaller products in the IM Altec Lansing range to carry in my laptop bag for when I am travelling on business.

Overall 9/10 – sounds great, limited distance for the remote control (well I couldn’t give it 10/10)


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