Posted by: englishdubai | July 8, 2006

Stay Alive

I took my first trip to a Dubai cinema today and randomly ended up seeing a movie called “Stay Alive”. Before I get to that the three things I have heard about Dubai cinemas are absolutely true:

  1. People will talk throughout the movie
  2. People’s cellphones will continually ring/bong and be talked into
  3. The temperature appears to be set to sub-zero

I had prior warning to all those things so while I found them all a little irksome forewarned is forearmed and I just tried to ignore it all and watch the movie.

“Stay Alive” is a teen horror/slasher movie where what happens in a virtual world (PS2/PC game) happens in real life. Thus ensures the usual jump out of your seat moments and freaky use of surround sound effects. It was enough for me to become a little fidgety.

As a slasher movie goes it was poor but the unique VR/RL Storyline helped out by the appearance of Samaire Armstrong (who bore a striking resemblance to a late night “entertainer” in Las Vegas I once met) made me pay attention for the first 60% of the movie after which I was wishing it would be over.

Overall: 5/10 – The product placement of nice Alienware laptops was nice – but since then they have been acquired by Dell. Further proof of “Rhymes with Hell”


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