Posted by: englishdubai | July 9, 2006

RIP Darvos

For those of you who know me – one thing that has occupied vast quantities of my time is the seminal MMORPG World of Warcraft. I have played since the week after its Euro release back in Feb 2005. The thing that kept me really hooked into the game was the “Guild” I belonged to.

Through this Guild I have met some fantastic people by playing this computer game and this friendship extends passed simply gaming and are bonds I intend to keep. If I can do this then that will be more valuable than killing any end game boss.

Over the passed 18 months the guild evolved merged, grew and allied. This allowed me to partake in some of the end games raid content that I could only have dreamed about at the end of last year.

With my recent move over to Dubai and the different working week and +3hr time difference I have realized that I am simply “incompatible” with the raid timetable. For me raiding was all that was really left for my characters to do – while levelling a character can be fun I am loathed to do it again.

So at least for now – I have put “Darvos” to rest for the foreseeable future till I can get some regular pattern in my life and I can find the inclination to play again.

/target account
/cast cancel account


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