Posted by: englishdubai | July 11, 2006

Haircut 100

In order to stop growing an enormous ‘fro I thought it was time to get my first haircut in Dubai. Near where I am currently staying there appeared to be a number of options. On British instinct I headed to the one with the most amount of neon and cleanest looking one.

I was a little surprised when I found myself in a philipino hairdresser’s and even more so after one hour once I had been shaved, haircut, shampoo’d, head and shoulder massaged and liberally dusted down with talc. And all for the bargain price of 25AED (about four quid)

The chap doing the haircut made Bruce Forsyth look like Rambo. I was offered a number of other services including body waxing and a manicure but I felt man handled enough by then

I was a little concerned that his parting words to me were “Come Again”


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