Posted by: englishdubai | July 12, 2006

I got keys, they’re multiplying

A strange thought struck me when I left the UK. I was more of less keyless. I had given away all the sets of keys to my apartment in the UK, I had sold my car and I do not even lock my suitcase these days (else risk customs breaking the lock). Seemed slightly odd but liberating to be walking around with simply wallet and mobile and not a key in site.

Today that all changed in a New York minute. After what has seemed like an eternity (reality 10days) I have received my residence visa for UAE – in many ways now the real work begins. Without this you are limited in not being able to open a full bank account, get a driving license, get a DEWA account, get a Booze license.

In a dazzlingly display of Dubai efficiency in the space of 4 hours and getting my passport back I had:

1. Signed a tenancy agreement and got keys to an apartment in Dubai Marina
2. Agreed a delivery date for my container of goods form the UK
3. Got a rental car delivered to the office
4. Have someone from the HSBC to come and visit me to open up a bank account (they have been causing me major drama see here)

All I need to do now is get the DEWA connected, get my driving license, get an eCard for customs and finally get my flat fully internetted and cable TV’d. I am sure there are other things to do but that will be a pretty good start.

Here is a rather dodgy photo taken on my mobile of the view from my new apartment’s lounge:

Once I have done all that I am going to South Africa in 10 days time.

Now this is why I came here!


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