Posted by: englishdubai | July 20, 2006


I have now been driving in Dubai for a couple of weeks. I was fairly well briefed on what to expect:

1. Indicators are solely for decoration
2. Speed limits do not seem to exist if you are driving in the outside lane
3. If you do use the indicators this is a sign for drivers behind you to speed up
4. All lanes can be used for over/under taking
5. Accidents happen all the time – and when they do there is no effort to remove them to the safety of the hard shoulder
6. The hard shoulder is also a valid lane
7. Tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic are standard
8. If you miss your junction – not to worry – simply reverse back up it
9. You have 0.05ms reaction time at traffic lights else other drivers will engage liberal use of the horn
10. Expect the person driving in front of you to do the most crazy thing possible – and typically they will

I felt forewarned was forearmed but it has still taken some adjustment. However none of this prepared me for what I saw yesterday. I was driving down the 5 lane Sheik Zayed Road when I had to take a little evasive action as there were two guys stood on the white lines between lanes two and three attempting to cross the highway. I was simply not prepared to witness such an act of lunacy.

Probably the most dangerous game of frogger in the world!


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