Posted by: englishdubai | July 20, 2006

Photo Me

My vertible Sony Ericsson K750i was looking a little battleworn – the battery had seen better days and even after having the joystick repaired it did not feel the same. Iwas lucky at work and got given a Nokia 6680. This seems like quite a nice phone (if a little large) – but after using it for about 10days the difference in the user interfaces between Sony Ericsson and Nokia were making me a little crazy. Though the excellent camera in the Nokia was just the ticket for taking snaps of the unusual things I see in my first few weeks in Dubai.

Driven to distraction over the Nokia user interface I felt it best to end this pain and procure a new Sony Ericsson. My choice was essentially between the K800i and the M600i both very different beasts indeed.

A local retailer let me have a play with both of them. The M600i is based on the OS used in the P900 and is really the epitome of the smart phone. The M600i itself is very slim and lightweight with a great screen. I felt that the response between applications was slow and you really need two hands to make a phone call (not ideal) – also the lack of a camera made my choice for me.

The K800i that I ended up buying has really impressed me. Aside from the awesome 3.2Megapixel camera and flash it has, the battery life is awesome and the UI improvements make the phone a pleasure to use. The new M2 memory format was a bit of pain – but on seeing the size of 1GB card I was startled. The card is small, really small – I think if you were to sneeze on it you would never see it again!

I always like to rate and review things and I thought I would do this for the Sony Ericsson phones I have owned:

T68i – First colour mobile phone, super slow menus – 6/10 – just for pimp factor at the time

T610 – 65k colour screen, poly ringtones but poor joystick design – 7/10 – poly ringtones were all the rage at the time

T630 – a good upgrade over the T610 in terms of screen and design – still suffered the same joystick failure issues – 7/10

P910 – good smart phone, but really needed two handed use and a bit on the large size – 6/10

W900i – mp3, 3G and big display all in one phone – sadly the swivel design and chunky build made it feel more Fisher Price then Hi-Tec – 3/10

K75oi – the first “real” camera phone for me – 2 megapixel and an attempt at a flash, mp3 and duo memory stick support makes this still a great phone – however it continues to be plagued by the joystick issues of the T610/T630

K800i – 3.2 megapixels and now branded as a “Cybershot” by Sony-Ericsson – improved UI and it uses the great screen from the W900i. The joystick designs seems to have improved as well but only time will tell if it holds up – 9/10 (so far)


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