Posted by: englishdubai | July 23, 2006

Butcher Shop and Grill

My friend and I went to the Butcher Shop and Grill for an evening meal. This restaurant is located in Nelson Mandella square alongside numerous other restaurants and attached to a giant shoppng mall. It was also great to see the large bronze statue of the man himself.

The restaurant is fairly unusual as they have a full butchers counter as you walk in displaying the fine array of meat and sea food available. The waiter who led us our table gave us great service all night and I was quite surprised just how large the place is. Anyway down to the steak!

I orderd the prime rib medium rare and it was pretty good – a little fatty for my tastes but it was an epic large piece of meat on the bone. The great thing about it was that it did not come at an epic price – 10UKP – stunning. I have paid more in a beefeater in the UK for something that tasted like shoe sole.

Here is said steak:

Overall for value and service that was hard to beat – 9/10


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