Posted by: englishdubai | July 28, 2006

High Def

On leaving the UK I donated my vertiable Panasonic TH-42PW6 to my mom – I made some feeble excuse that “it would never survive the shipping” or some such nonsense. If the truth be told I had been hankering after a real HD plasma and the move to Dubai seemed like a perfect excuse.

In between running around Dubai sorting out the red tape – it is hard not notice the many electrical stores selling large screen plasma and LCD displays. It seems also that Samsung, LG and the occasional Sony seem to have the majority of the retailers display space. Not much in the way of Philips, Panasonic or Pioneer to be seen – they are there just not as the common as the afore mentioned brands.

Even with fairly few brands to choose from the choice is still bewildering – LCD or Plasma? What about DLP? How big? How many pixels? Wall mount or desktop stand? How much does it all cost? Well after some a lot of staring at the same High Def demos on a whole bunch of screen I went for the age of trade off – how many inches can I get for the least amount of money?

I decided I wanted a wall mount solution – so that put DLP out of the picture. After 37inches LCDs start to get really expensive and so currently the biggest screen for the least amount of Dirhams led me to a 50inch LG plasma. I had been hankering over the 50″ Panasonic but in the end it just did not justify the extra 3000 Dirhams as it contains the same panel as the LG.

The nice thing about buying a plasma here in Dubai is that when they deliver they are also happy to install it onto the wall – pretty much unheard of in the UK without paying vast amounts more. Also once they were done they took the huge box away with them as well.

The plasma is installed and looking handsome – the pictures via HDMI on my DVD player are excellent and in 1080i mode Xbox 36o games are simply jaw dropping. The best bit though is that this 50″ High Def plasma cost £2000 less than my original non high def 42″ plasma – technology is indeed awesome if you are on the right side of the curve.


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