Posted by: englishdubai | July 29, 2006

What a difference a day makes…

Especially after having curtains fitted in my new place. I was recommended a chap to do the curtains and he was super friendly and came around with samples and measured up within two hours of my original call – a great service. This service also continued on the installation – they had the week while I was in South Africa to make the curtains.

A whole team of guys turned up with bags of curtains and large power drills – within 2 hours all the windows were suitably clothed and I felt a lot happier. While I am now living on the 25th floor so are a lot of other people and with all the glass in the apartments it can feel like living in a goldfish bowl.

It has also had the nice effect of making the apartment feel much more “homey” – and I am even starting to thing of Dubai as home. I have been here exactly one month and looking back I have manage to achieve a great deal:

1. I am now a UAE resident
2. I hold a UAE driving license
3. I have a UAE bank account
4. I have moved all my furniture from the UK to the UAE
5. I have been on Dubai radio and even made into the local IT Weekly
6. I have visited a whole new continent (Africa)
7. I have brought a new car (my first time ever and subject of a forthcoming blog)
8. I have a non-censored UAE internet connection (Thank you DIC Telecom)

Overall I am feeling much more settled and am looking forward to the weather cooling down a little so I can go and explore more of this great country.


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