Posted by: englishdubai | July 31, 2006


The choice of places to eat in Nelson Madella square in Johannesburg can be a little bewildering. Fortunately my friend over there recommend we eat in an African restaurant called Lekotla. If you go to their website it gives you a real feel for the place. It is an upscale modern restaurant where traditional African music is played and they even offer face painting for the ladies.

The menu offered a real variety of dishes that too a simple Englishman like myself looked very exotic. I ended up with the “safe” sounding Botswana roast beef fillet. Looking back I wish was more daring in my choice. Neverless the beef was outstanding and dare I say it – better than the Butcher Shop…

I really enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant, the service was great and it was well priced. I am keen to go back again and try something a little more “local”

Overall 9/10 – a real taste of africa


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