Posted by: englishdubai | August 30, 2006

Two months in and I feel fine

At the end of my second month in Dubai I thought it would a good idea to list the things I enjoy/like/love about being here. For some reason it is easier to write about things that are bad or troublesome here i.e. the traffic, restricted internet, rent costs and inflation.

10 things I enjoy in Dubai:

1. The people and friends I have met here
2. Not having to iron anything myself
3. The view from my apartment – especially at night
4. Delivery everything
5. Gas Station attendants
6. Living two minutes from the beach
7. Having a distinct lack of pikeys/chavs anywhere
8. Zero income tax
9. Having a gym and swimming pool available
10. No more hayfever

I am sure there are many more – but these are a few things that make me smile.


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