Posted by: englishdubai | November 24, 2006

Snoopy hang on

I have had a busy couple of weeks since my return from LA. the last 8 days I have been hosting some good friends of mine from the UK. It has been nice to look at Dubai through tourists eyes. One of the highlights over the last week was a mini-break and a road trip down to the Sandy Beach Motel in the Emirate of Fujariah. It was about a leisurely 2 hour journey that takes you through a rugged mountain range that reminded me a lot of Death Valley.

We rented a couple of two bedroom chalets – that while offering fairly basic amenities had the added bonus of having some outdoor chairs/table and the all important barbecue grill. In order to work up a bit of an appetite we first indulged in some snorkelling which this area is famous for. The Sandy beach motel is in the fortunate positioning of having Snoopy Island directly opposite its shoreline. I think why it is called Snoopy Island is fairly obvious:

Just around Snoopy Island is some nice coral which comes as a bit of a surprise when you first swim out. There is plenty to see there and a friend of mine recently captured some marine pictures on his last visit.

Once we had built and appetitive snorkelling we retired back to the chalet and proceeded to cook up a large barbecue. I was a little surprised to find that we got a rather large (and hungry) audience of cats who joined us:

Overall we had a very relaxed time in Fujariah and it made a nice contrast to being in the busy city of Dubai and a chance to see Marine fish and coral. While not the final word in luxury – it was a certainly a fun and activity filled 48 hours.


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