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Dubai Rugby 7s – and the heavens opened…

On the 35th Anniversary of the UAE’s creation as a recognized country it was the final day of the Dubai Sevens. As an avid rugby fan I (like many others) had been looking forward to this for some months. It was a little sad that unlike the glorious weather last year the heavens opened and torrential rain was the order of the day.

I usually would not mind too much – but the combination of no proper wet weather gear, no shelter in the stand, no seats to sit on and most of the ground simply turning to mud made it feel more like Glastonbury than the Dubai sevens.

The covering on the stand was really only meant to keep the sun off and not the rain:
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After watching a few matches and getting very wet – I retreated to the beer tent. But too little too late – me and my friend were simply too cold and wet so ventured outside to get a cab home. This proved to be more of a challenge. First we had to negotiate a bit of a lake:

Then some heavy machinery:

Not to mention a water pump:

and an hour long stand in the taxi queue:

I at least got to see England beat Australia which I think just about made it a worthwhile trip. My friend ruined her favourite pair of “Geox” shoes and I can probably be labelled a “fair weather fan”.

I am looking forward to the next Dubai sevens with excitement and will be packing both sun glasses and a cagoule.

Congratulations to the Arabian Gulf team for making to the finals of the Shield and to South Africa for winning the overall competition.


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