Posted by: englishdubai | December 15, 2006


Rather than mention the distinctly average remake of the great sixties movie – I thought I would mention the restaurant I recently had the pleasure to visit in Istanbul last week.

With the Pope’s recent visit and the Turkish having a hiccup with their EU entry – they have been making world headlines. However on my second trip to Istanbul I only managed to sit in record breaking traffic jams but also eat some rather spectacular fish dishes in a restaurant called “Poseidon”.

It was great to have a native Turkish speaker along with us and to my surprise I did not see a menu all night. On my last trip to Istanbul we visited another excellent fish restaurant – but this time I noticed the faux pas me and my colleagues had made. The waiters bring over a large tray with a number of cold starters on – last time we simply got these on the table and started to dig in – this time I find out they are actually for display purposes only – once you have selected they will then make fresh dishes and serve us each individually….it could not have been too bad last time as no one mentioned anything to us!

It was with some regret I did not bring my camera with me as the display of fresh fish outside of the restaurant looked like a scene from 20000 Leagues Under the Sea – with all manner of interesting looking fish and other sea food. I am sure through the five course meal we sampled a great deal of it with a rather fantastic Jack Dory served fried and filleted as a main.

I sometimes feel rather humble I am able to experience all of this.


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