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Perth Out Loud

After a very relaxing flight into Perth – immigration and customs were a breeze. It was great to be picked up by my sister for the short journey back to their “duplex”. A bit of an odd name as I usually think of a duplex as a building with two floors (this would be called a town house in Perth). Here it describes a semi-detached home. After a busy day of Christmas shopping I noted again the little differences in day to day phrases i.e.

UK vs. Perth
Pre-Order vs. Raincheck
Credit Counter vs. Layby
Duvet vs. Doona
Chav vs. Bogan

I am sure there will be plenty more – but these were a few that caught my interest.

My main purpose of being in Perth is to spend Christmas with my sister, her husband Keith and my little nephew Julian. I of course think he is totally adorable (but then I would think that as his Uncle):

After a fun filled day with Julian and with his Grand Mom babysitting we drove into Perth City to an area called Northbridge. A lively place with lots of bars and restaurants:

We headed to comedy club called the “Laugh Resort” situated above a pub the “Brass Monkeys” – by some very odd coincidence that night a family friend – Danny had been invited to perform a spot at the club hence our visit there.

I had seen Danny present to a public audience before – that was giving the Best Man’s speech at my sister and Keith’s wedding some three years ago.

This evening Danny was the first act on, following the intermission. The acts prior to Danny were very middle of the road, this would be the most polite way I could describe them. Danny’s ten minute performance was a real breath of fresh air, on what so far had been a rather dour evening of entertainment. He immediately connected with the audience and I noticed a change in people’s body language as they leaned in, keen not miss any nuances in his jokes.

I have always found the best comedians to be the ones you could imagine have a beer with and them entertaining you all night with amusing stories. Danny fitted this mould perfectly. He finished his routine with a cracking shaggy dog story which left this author and most of the crowd wanting more. Danny well done mate – the few nerves you had gave you tremendous energy leaving the other acts in the shade.

Overall 9/10 – Perfect – but I wanted more!

Danny giving it “large”:


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