Posted by: englishdubai | January 16, 2007

Dubai Reds

After some press speculation it looks like the Football Club I have been a life long supporter of will be taken over by the Dubai International Capital Group.

I am pleased Liverpool FC have found investors of this nature and I think the long term success and outlook of the club will be assured. The promise of a new ground and some further investment into a few key players will really bolster things.

It took an old friend and even bigger Liverpool supporter than myself to find the Dubai Liverpool Supporters club – know as the Dubai Reds. Checking their website one of their goals is:

“To make watching televised Liverpool matches an ‘event’ to be enjoyed with fellow supporters.”

This really is the tradition I got use to during the four years I lived in Liverpool. The “match” was usually a major family event with food and drinks put on and many people invited over. Even if the result did not go Liverpool’s way – it was always good humoured and enjoyable.

My only question is will the Dubai Reds be serving scouse?


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