Posted by: englishdubai | January 24, 2007

Winter Begone!

Since the Dubai 7s the weather in Dubai has been unseasonably cool with the odd rainy days. I am sure that the “boys in blue” or construction workers have appreciated more than others the cooler months.

I have missed the sun a little and have been enjoying the summer in Johannesburg, South Africa this week. On my previous two trips, security aspects have ruled my thoughts. This time however, while I am still ultra cautious, I am feeling much more relaxed and am enjoying my time here. The weather has helped a lot – dry, warm (35C) and sunny – this has led to a number of outdoor coffees and al-fresco dining. Even having breakfast outside at 6.30am seems to lift my soul and mood for the rest of the day.

Once again the local team and business partners have looked after me really well providing a packed agenda and excellent entertainment. However I am continually reminded where I am when I pick up the newspaper and read about the latest gun crime or I go to the office to find the power out for most of the day.

Still this has continued to add flavor to this trip and hopefully there will be more when I visit Cape Town this weekend. I hope the snow has melted in the UK by then….


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