Posted by: englishdubai | February 8, 2007

London – Gangsta Style

I have had to return to the UK this week to attend a business workshop. It is always nice to go back home and enjoy a few of the things that I miss a little whilst in Dubai. These for me include:

1. Capital Radio
2. British TV (Match of the Day)
3. Fish and Chips
4. The British press
5. Seeing my friends

However I was not missing the weather and the forecast is predicting snow tomorrow…which could well mean the Great British rush hour will turn into the Great British traffic jam.

At Europcar I usually ask if I can upgrade from the standard issue Kia Rio to something a bit more fun – I had a sporty little Astra last time. This time, I was asked if I would like to upgrade to a Chrysler 300c for the princely sum of 9Pounds a day. Seemed like a bargain to drive around in a “gangsta style” car for a few days:

It has been an enjoyable experience – however the huge expanse of bonnet that sits before you and cavernous interior make its American roots obvious. Though its underpinnings are from Mercedes it somehow is unable to shake its barge like handling abilities. Not a car I would buy and has tough competition from the German manufacturers but the looks are growing are me for reasons I can’t really explain.

If the snow does comes tomorrow I will be wishing I had my Hummer to drive.


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