Posted by: englishdubai | March 29, 2007

H3 getting more grunt

The major criticism in the press of the current H3 is that it is a little shy of power. On paper 3.5L (now 3.7) and 210BHP seems reasonable, but when you are pulling 2.1 tonnes an extra bit of power is always welcome sic. blasting up sand dunes with four large British chaps on board. To this end H3 owners go to lengths such as adding in a K&N air filter or even a super charger for the V5 VORTEC engine, jut to get more “beans” out of the engine.

It seems that Hummer/GM have been listening and have just released plans for a V8 5.3L developing 295BHP version of the H3 in 2008. Personally I think this sounds fantastic for flying around the dunes. However probably not so great for my carbon footprint….(I wonder when Liberty will be taking pre-orders)


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