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Go you good thing

After a marathon of six weeks constantly travelling I was looking forward to a relaxed weekend in Dubai. I was in the midst of mooching around Ibn Battuta shopping mall looking for somewhere to get my ever growing under control when I got a number of text messages urging me to go to the Dubai World Cup horse racing meet.

I had been interested in going but I had failed to secure corporate tickets – however I wanted to go and have a look as I was told it was a “do not miss” event. After a text message exchange I dusted off my best suit, most ridiculous shoes and hopped into a cab to Nad Al Sheeba.

The International Village is where it seemed the majority of people were and I was impressed. It was very spacious with a number of the major bars from around Dubai being present such as The Irish Village, Barasti, Double Decker and Waxy O’Connors to name but a few. The weather turned up for the day and sun glasses and big hats (for the ladies) were de rigeur:

The last time I went racing in the UK – the only thing that remained in common between both trips was the large amount of alcohol I managed to consumer. I certainly did no gambling or studying the “Racing Post” for the form. Though there was plenty of other form on show to be looking at…

With over 50 000 people in attendance it was difficult to meet up with people but my group decided to give it a try and we ended up in the “Bubble Lounge” where only Champagne was being sold. When in Rome…

We were quite fortunate to be in the Bubble Lounge when the fireworks prior to the main races started. It was spectacular and made a nice accompaniment to a glass of Bollinger!

Once the formality of the World Cup race and awards ceremony was done with – the International Village then proceeded to turn into the largest outdoor nightclub I have ever been in. Here Tamsin, Rawan and Catherine stop from dancing for two seconds to pose for a photo:

It was great day out, if

1. You like to get dressed up
2. You enjoy people watching
3. You like to have a drink
4. You like to have a dance
5. You can put up with the toilet queues

It seemed to me that everyone was partying extra hard – maybe it had something to do with the wash out of the last Dubai 7’s or more likely six hours drinking in the sun. Either way I will be back next year.

EDIT: Part of this post was quoted in the Gulf News 4/4/07


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