Posted by: englishdubai | April 16, 2007

The Rise of the Mega Projects

With anything that I have a vague interest in, I like most people, will research it to death on the internet. With the purchase of my property I spent a lot of time trawling through the useful UAE forum at a site called Sky Scraper City. I found it highly educational for not only the Marina development but also the other “Mega Projects” in Dubai such as the Burj Dubai, Dubai Land and the various Palms.

While poking around these forums I came across a link for a rather excellent video compiling all the Mega Projects computer renders and promo spots into one film. I found it rather compelling to watch.

You can find it on Google video here.

Despite everyday living in an environment where I seem to play “dodge ’ems” with plant and cement mixers, the video really helped me visualize where this amazing city is heading. Mind boggling.


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