Posted by: englishdubai | April 29, 2007

Marina By Night

With the purchase of my small Canon Ixus 850 it has more or less relegated my rather nifty Sony DSC-R1 to dust gathering duty, particularly on some of the 4×4/camping trips I have been on recently. It is just so convenient to have close at hand due to its size.

After a lot of looking at the photos on Picasa – I felt that there was something “missing” from these photos. On first impressions they looked good – however on real inspection they were somewhat disappointing. So the other evening in an effort to avoid upgrading immediately to some form of Digital SLR I dusted off the Sony R1 and took a few night shots of the Marina. For me the results were startlingly. Here is my favorite and currently my windows desktop:

This and a couple of other photos I took can be found here at their full resolution. In comparison with the same picture taken with the compact canon (it is here )- the difference is basically night and day. The megapixel count is not too far apart (10.1 vs 7.1) – but you just can not beat great glass.

(Prediction – I will be writing something similar about a Digital SLR vs a fixed lens digital camera in the not too distant future)


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