Posted by: englishdubai | May 9, 2007

Midtown Mirdiff

I was invited to what turned out to be a very fun pool party in an area of Dubai called Mirdiff. I had never visited this particular area before as it is quite a drive from my current location of Dubai Marina. In the office we often joke that if the Emirates flight has to park off a stand away from the terminal, it feels like we are taxiing all the way to Mirdiff.

On the drive out I spotted a Landcruiser stuck in a rather precarious position. I had heard that Landcruisers had excellent entry and departure angles however the central barrier was a little too much this time:

Mirdiff was a nice surprise. A villa community providing comfortable and well priced housing – with an excellent shopping centre and the promise of a huge shopping mall “The Mall of Arabia” coming in a few years. The variety of housing was also a good change from the carbon copy villa communities such as the Springs. It was interesting to see a very nice villa complete with its own collection of livestock:

Seeing this in deepest Dubai suburbia, reminded me of an old seventies British Sitcom called “The Good Life” The premise of the show being:

“A middle-class suburban couple, Tom and Barbara Good, decide to go back to the land and turn their Surbiton home into a self-sufficient farm-cum-allotment, growing their own food, keeping animals and making their own tools and equipment.”

Seems to me that Mirdiff is the “Good Life” or Surbiton of Dubai – odd that I used to live in Surbiton a few years ago.


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