Posted by: englishdubai | June 17, 2007

Say that again?

It is easy in Dubai to take things for granted. However, over the last 36 hours I have just been amazed at a few ordinary everyday things:

1. Someone is willing to spend 11 million AED ($3m) on a number plate
2. My landlord wants to put the rent up 46% to any tenant willing to lease the apartment I will move out of shortly, 130k AED ($35k) last year to an amazing 190k AED ($51k) this year
3. After a fun, but messy, party at said apartment. I can lie in bed while my maid service turns up within one hour and within three hours you would never have known a party had ever happened and all for 75 AED ($20)
4. While lying in bed – a short phone call will get the cafe French Connection to deliver me a continental breakfast for 25 AED ($7)
5. In 42C temperature and humidity well over 80% – I can have my vehicle washed, vacuumed and detailed by five chaps for 20 AED ($5)

However, seeing your Dubai friends having a great time at a party you have just thrown:



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