Posted by: englishdubai | July 2, 2007


It is strange to think that of all the places I need to travel to for my job that encompasses over 98 countries the first time I have ever encountered any form of terrorism should be when I go back to the UK. I was enjoying a quiet Saturday evening in Dubai when on Sky News broke the story of the incident at Glasgow airport. So it was with a little trepidation that I flew into Glasgow airport this morning – I had no real reason to be worried. The security at the airport was very tight with a very high police profile.

The damage to the terminal was evident to see and the smell of the acrid smoke that I saw on Sky News still hung thick in the air. Here is the scene some 36 hours later:

The airport was very busy with reduced number of check in terminals, a very odd zig-zag walkway to get into and out of the airport and of course the slip roads to the front of the airport were closed. As ever the great British public simply soldiered on and I have great admiration for the service staff at the airport placating a large number of tourists.

I will be back in the UK later this month – I hope that the security level is reduced from the critical level it is currently set to.


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