Posted by: englishdubai | September 3, 2007

Full Wash Sir?

The dry, sandy and wind swept conditions in Dubai make for a very dirty car in no time. The nice thing is that there are men to wash it for cheap money at seemingly every corner. For instance park in the right place at the shopping mall ($3), take it to the car wash machine at petrol station ($6), get your gardener to do it ($2) or perhaps take a contract out with the security guards (14 washes $30).

The problem with these methods is that with the guys with buckets in car parks seem to spend most of their time “wiping the sand off” as opposed to “washing the car”. Also while machine car washes do a reasonable job you always end up with fine hairline scratches from the brushes.

I was always a fan of getting a car jet washed back home and I finally found one here in Dubai. I pulled into the large Emarat gas station where as per normal a friendly chap filled my car, then I moved it over the “lube express” station where another chap checked and topped my air pressure. The service was free but I like to tip ($2) and the smile the guy gave me made my day.

I was going for the hat trick and was looking to drive the Hummer through the machine car wash which fortunately under repair. As I prepared to drive out I saw the sign “manual wash” I headed there fast. A very brief discussion between “body wash” or “full wash” left me signing up for a full wash ($12). I sat back in amazement as the Hummer was hoisted off the floor and got a full under chassis jet washing:

Not too mention a full engine bay clean and then a hot soapy soak:

And to finish up four guys gave it an interior detail and a final buffing:

To me it was the best value car wash I had ever had or seen. For one hour the hummer had the time of its life and looked much shinier – well for at least a day or so…


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