Posted by: englishdubai | November 19, 2007

Oh So Tasty…

I quite enjoy grocery shopping at the moment in Dubai as there is often an eclectic mix of goods ranging from Waitrose juices (I love cloudy apple juice) to a wide range of Indian, Philipino and Asian brands. On a little trip to Choitrams the other day I was delighted to discover Diet Dr Pepper and Tab clear – while costing three times the amount of a regular can of soda (3AED vs 1AED) I was pleased at least to have the option of enjoying something a little different.

Also whilst browsing a range of packet Indian goods caught my eye – with the promise of me simply having to “Heat and Eat” I was put off by the brand name:

Somehow eating “Gits” just does not appeal to me – I am sure it is really good though!


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