Posted by: englishdubai | December 19, 2007

Picture This

The banner that heads this blog was a photo I took when living in the Marina about nine months ago. I like it a lot, as not only does it capture the feeling of the development of one of Dubai’s “Megaprojects” but also shows the building that I have brought an apartment in. If you are interested, it is the building with blue glass and tower crane near the center of the shot.

It seems I am not the only one to like it. A dear friend of my is the photo editor over at Motivate Publishing in their books department. She liked the photo and submitted it for publication in the new version of Dubai – A Pictorial Tour which is due to be issued later in 2008. Last night I heard that it had gone to press.

It is a nice thought that many people will be able enjoy this photo taken by my fair hand. That is reward enough for me but it turns out I get credited in the book and a shiny copy for my coffee table. That is a deal I will take any day.


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