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Triple Play

Happy New Year to all. I have just got back from a very relaxing time in Australia where they had the hottest Christmas and Boxing Day’s on record (42c and 44c respectively) and it was actually nice to return to the moderately cool weather of Dubai at this time of year. Mind you 27c with low humidity still makes it feel like the best summer days back in Blighty.

Before I headed off to the warmer climes of Australia for the Christmas break we had room for one last foray into the desert. Usually when we go out we will head to one spot have some fun then make a beeline back for Dubai. This trip was a little different. We managed to pack in three fun filled destinations in one day – Fossil Rock, Wadi Tayyibah and Sandy Beach in Fujeriah. Typically one of these destinations could easily occupy a day if you included lunch – but this day we were not hanging around.

First we headed over to the old favourite of Fossil Rock and got treated to a rather large welcoming committee of what seemed like and endless camel train. We took care too keep a respectable distance and grabbed some memorable photos:

We only took three cars and with each of the drivers now fairly experienced behind the wheel we ended up having a lot of fun with only two very minor stucks requiring a quick tow that slowed us down. As we drove across the undulating dune scape we came to very flat very wide part of sand. Boys will be boys and we spent 20 minutes pretending to be Jeremy Clarkson revving the engines of the cars and making fast sweeping turns like we were on some rally stage. One of the lads was brave enough to take this photo as we held a small drag race.

My favourite part of dune driving is the big descents down slip faces. Feet off the pedals you put faith in the engine breaking, steer for dear life while offering up a small prayer for forgiveness. Even after doing this numerous times it is still a marvellous feeling

Sometimes it is easy to become indifferent to things you own and I often wonder if I should have instead got the Nissan Patrol or Jeep Wrangler but when you look at it in a different light all is well. That is what I thought when I looked at this capture of my Hummer – sure it has its foibles but it has become a part of my Dubai adventure and I still love it dearly.

After we had finished playing in the sand we re-inflated the cras tyres and took the 30 minute drive over to Wadi Tayyibah. I enjoy driving Wadi’s a lot, the Hummer is right at home on the loose rock. It has great clearance and while there was the odd nasty sounding “squawk” from my friend’s Nissan Patrol ,the Hummer just crunched through with authority thanks to the amazing articulation of the wheels and axle. My friend got up high for a nice aerial shot of the Hummer entering a particularly tricky section:

Sadly this was all over to quick and we pushed on to get down to the Sandy Beach Motel in Fujeriah for a refreshing dip and snorkel around Snoopy Island. It seems that inflation is alive and well in this Emirate as the entrance fee had tripled from 25AED to 75AED since last season. Still it was worth it to see the turtles and enjoy the view:

We got back to Dubai at 7.30pm, having started ten hours before, all feeling a little tired. However I was pleased that we had gotten to have a fun filled day and we spent the evening enjoying the Dubai winter with a BBQ and some cold drinks whilst we recounted the highlights of the day to each other. It was a great UAE weekend and all for the cost of a tank of fuel and a beach entry fee – value indeed.


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