Posted by: englishdubai | January 12, 2008

Death and Taxes

While these might be universal certainties around the world the other one I need to add for Dubai is property delays. I had been getting excited about the upcoming completion of my new apartment at the end of January. I should have known better and the day after my penultimate payment was made, came the news that the delivery had been delayed until the end of April due to “infrastructure” delays. These could be anything, but driving past the site the other day I thought to myself they would be lucky to deliver this by March.

In retrospect this is not such bad news for me. Living with my villa mate is a real blast and there is no pressure to move out at any particular dates. This flexibility is rare in Dubai and I feel fortunate to be in such a position.

There was some good news from the developer and that was “Home Orientation” was to begin later this month. Now this is something I am desperate to do. The chance to get into the apartment and see the views, get a real idea of the living space and see the finishing is something I am looking forward to. While the primary point is to start the snagging process it will give me a great idea if this is really my dream apartment.


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