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When I Think About You

One of the highlights I had when visiting Perth over the Christmas break was a trip to a concert in Freemantle. Though I had only flown in early that morning I was keen to make the most of the trip and accompanied my brother-in-law to Feemantly Oval where we due to see Chris Isaak and The Divinyls.

The back story behind this is that my brother-in-laws cousin, is the partner of Mark McEntree who plays lead guitar for the The Divinyls. Tenuous, I know. However I did spend last Boxing Day with him and had met him once before some years ago in London. The upshot of this was we both got free concert tickets and even better – back stage passes.

Upon walking in there was a real “festival” feel with people enjoying the cool evening with a picnic and a drink:

There had been some other acts in the day all going to make a very cosmopolitan crowd from aging “Hell’s Angel” types to “Teeny Boppers”. Everyone mingled well and collectively enjoyed a dramatic sunset with the clouds seemingly on fire:

Soon enough Chris Isaak came on stage and he immediately recognized that the crowd were not country music type. He was well received and I particularly enjoyed his renditions of the classics “Blue Hotel” and “Wicked Game”. His silky smooth lyrics were a pleasure to listen to. Even better by this time we had made use of the back stage pass and I was stood literally next to the stage where I could get a view of his very spangly suit:

Being back stage it was interesting to see the roadies go about their business and amusing to watch the level of security that was employed taking care of Mr Isaak. After a short break The Divinyls, who were headlining that evening, came out to play. For those not familiar with The Divinyls they rose to fame with the song “I touch myself” which was a top 10 hit in the UK and a number 1 in Australia. However the song really became well known as it was in a number of movies including – Prelude to a Kiss, Austin Powers “International Man of Mystery” and American Pie: Presents Band Camp. Incidentally it was one of my favorite teenage songs so it was great to be able to see them play.

Here they are rocking out:

The lead singer Christina Amphlett made a name for herself as being a bit of a wild child and this carried on as she was not happy with a sound problem and re-started a song four times until it was right. The crowd were less than impressed but were happy when they were playing again.

The Fremantle concert was important for Mark as his Mum and family were there, and he considers Perth his home town. He was a little nervous before the show but he used the nerves to play brilliantly:

It was a great show and I was glad I got to see some of the workings back stage. Upon leaving I caught a glimpse of a sign outside:

It was good to see that the event organizers are fully behind the spirit of the event. It has been really fun month of concerts, now if only I can get tickets for Elton John later this month.


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