Posted by: englishdubai | January 14, 2008

1 Dubai Day Later

The opening sequence of the film 28 days later starts with a sequence of shots showing a deserted London. Those waking up early this morning living near Sheikh Zayed Road would have witnessed the same eeriness.

With the major arterial road closed for the day due to the visit of George Bush, residents were in the odd position of having to walk around. In scenes reminiscent of the recent movie “The Invasion” – crowds of people walked around in silence admiring the absence of traffic noise and enjoying the novelty of having to actually walk somewhere. I think if I were to drive around the local roads I would have felt like Will Smith in “I am Legend” – well I would have if I owned a mustang or a dog.

Friends of mine living on Sheikh Zayed Road remarked:

“You can hear people in their apartments for the first time”

“It is bliss where I live, no car noise, nothing, just people walking around”

“People look bewildered at having to walk somewhere”

While I think we might have all enjoyed the enforced public vacation – the closure of the roads and the bridges for day made us realize what a car dependent community we are in Dubai.

The normally busy beach road at midday today:


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