Posted by: englishdubai | January 30, 2008

Magic Moments

The thought of making a fourteen hour flight (DXB -> JFK) a four hour layover and then another six hour flight (JFK -> SFO) is never an appealing prospect. Especially if you are certain of the fact that the twenty hours on the two aeroplane will be in economy.

It was hard to resist an outward smile as I handed in my boarding card to be told I was upgraded and the ohhh so precious seat 6D would be my home for the next half-a-day. The reality was, I was a little under the weather and the chance to get some sleep was very welcome.

The new 777’s that Emirates are flying are excellent. The refreshed widescreen digital ICE system is best in class for choice and ease of use and in business class you get to view the movies on a 22” wide screen panel. Suffice to say the seat is comfortable, the built in massage is great and going fully flat allows the gift of a comfortable sleep on an airplane. That is a commodity that is hard to put a value on. It was also good to glimpse the new first class “cabins” – which have a desk, a wardrobe and an even bigger television screen. Nice to see how the other half live.

I looked at my Chris’s blog entry on a similar trip and was grateful for those magic words “Ah Mr White, you have been upgraded” – I can only hope I am as lucky on my return trip later this week. Also unlike Chris I had a remarkbly smooth entry into the US with it only taking thirty minutes from touchdown to clear customs, collect my luggage, clear customs, re-check my bag, travel to the another terminal and go through security. I think this must be some kind of record for the JFK obstacle course.

The last two times I visited the USA had a significant impact on my life. I clearly recall in May 2006 making the decision (whilst lying in the MGM Grand swimming pool, drinking a cold beer) that moving from Camberley to Dubai was a good thing for me to do – and six weeks later I was on a plane to sunnier climes.

My previous visit, was to VMworld in November 2006 in Los Angeles where I realized the sheer momentum, scale, energy and fantastic offering that VMware had. It was then I truly understood where my next career move was. Eleven months down the line I ended up joining said company.

Now I am back in the states at VMware’s sales kick off and I am wondering what exactly I might decide or realize this time and where that may lead. I can hardly wait.


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