Posted by: englishdubai | February 5, 2008

Rising Up

After an exhausting 48 hour trip back from San Francisco (caused by a late flight and missed connections) I was rather glad to be back in Dubai. Not for long however, as I am up for a quick fire visit to Berlin tomorrow morning. I must make sure to bring some warm clothes this time, as I spent nearly a week in San Francisco feeling cold to the bone. Maybe I am just to use to wearing shorts and t-shirts all the time in Dubai?

It was was great to be back in Dubai as nearly one year to the day I got to make the first visit to the apartment I brought last year. Sure I can go down and look at the construction site, sure I can look at the floor plans and I can even go and look at a replica of the complex built in the Downtown area, but nothing quite compares to seeing the real thing.

The purpose of the visit was to inspect the property for snagging purposes. My friend Chris could probably write a novel on this process. I intend to use his experience to help smooth things along.

Parking at the development gave me a real sense of what it would be like to live there. The communal facilities and landscaping looked like they would be modern and functional with the promise of restaurants, retail outlets and even a Spinney’s Supermarket (very similar to Dubai Marina Phase One) looks like it could be a life of convenience should, this come to fruition.

The feeling of anticipation was hard to describe – similar to waiting for Christmas presents as a child however with the added excitement of hand of poker with a large pot at stake. When I walked into the apartment for the first time and entered the lounge – the wide panaromic window left me speechless, affording me with a dramatic vista. I felt like I had won the jackpot. Here it is:

Then walking out to the balcony, the views again of the Marina and further out to the Jumeriah Lake Towers and beyond were just amazing:

This view will only improve when later this year the super yachts start mooring up outside the Dubai Motor Yacht club and the completion of further buildings in the Jumeriah Lake Towers will really fill the skyline.
Overall I was really pleased with the apartment. Sure there was the odd scratch, nick or mark but I really felt that Emmar had delivered a quality product based on the price I paid. The kitchen was nicely fitted out:

Both bedrooms are spacious and have nice en-suite bathrooms. I really hope that the showers are powerful, as the water was off on my visit so I was unable to test them. I was told I would be allowed back for a second visit to make sure these all worked fine.

While I was certain I was going to get a great view of the Marina – I was less sure if I would be able to get any view of the ocean – however I got a pleasant surprise and I have interesting “rooftops and sea view” from the breakfast room window and balcony:

The overall Marina Promenade is a really nice development and I am keen to see the swimming pool, gym and other facilities once they are complete. When I lent over the balcony to take a photo of the whole development I suddenly remembered I don’t deal with heights very well, but the end result was unusual shot:

I realise there is sometime to go before I get my hands on my new home and there will be a lot of bureaucracy to go before I get the keys. The effort will be worth it, of that I know for sure now.


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