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Tailor Made

One of the real pleasures I find in life is pulling on a good looking, well fitted suit. It makes me feel great and fills me with confidence. The first time I got a tailor made suit was about five years ago, when a good friend of mine got married. I was the best man at a wedding and the groom was kind enough to provide me and the other grooms man matching tailor made suits. I felt fantastic that day – what a gift! and a fine occasion it was for as well.

Sadly, despite a number of repairs, suits do tend to take a bit of a beating over time and I recently had to retire it. A conversation with a colleague who has been in Dubai for some years recommended that I visit the tailor that he has been using for sometime, who am I to turn down some local knowledge?

After a battle with the traffic around Bur Dubai we were soon at the tailors “Parmar” – they also have a high end branch at DIFC called “Bespoke” though I chose to go to the more authentic and original branch.

My colleague knew all the guys and within a mater of moments swatches of fabric were rapidly brought forth as well some coffee/tea/water and the initial obligatory price haggling.

I have never gone through the full process of buying a custom made suit and the buying process was a real pleasure at Parmar. The sales guys were really patient and had plenty of good advice. First up was the material choice – it was fairly for me to choose as I was after a grey suit with a subtle pin stripe and the overall style of the suit i.e. single breasted, trouser style and vent type. After that the fun really starts.

The beauty over an off the peg suit is the custom touches and details the tailors can add. I requested a nice bright lining with contrasting piping, button holes stitched to match the pin stripe, working cuffs on the suit and even my name in stitched on the inside for that real personal touch.

I also invested in a couple of tailor made shirts – again there was a wide choice of collar and cuff styles along with a broad variety of materials. I chose to personalise the shirts with a very discrete stitching of my initials on the cuff.

Here you can see the wide choice of fabrics and the various shirt styles you can chose from:

Once all the design choices are made then the sales guys called for a “Master” – I can only presume that this was a master tailor who came to measure me. In case you wonder – he did not ask if I dressed to the left or to the right – though he took a lot of measurements. Just when I thought I was done, a second master was called. Apparently the first was for suits the second was the master tailor for shirts. I just loved this service. Here are the masters hard at work:

The next visit will be in two weeks where they will have built a template suit for me to try on. Once that fitting is complete there will be one or maybe two more further fittings before I get my hands on the product. I really hope it is worth waiting for.


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