Posted by: englishdubai | March 4, 2008

An Old Englishman in Dubai

I have been traveling a lot of the last two weeks and have spent less than 48hours in Dubai during this time. It has been fun but numerous trips on airplanes takes its toll after a while. The city list went something like this – Dubai -> Glasgow -> Edingburh -> London -> Nice -> Cannes -> Paris -> Dubai -> Riyadh -> Dubai -> London – not very good for my carbon footprint but my skywards account is certainly looking healthy.

During this time I, as usual, I was in constant email contact with my Dad but it was more exciting than normal, as he was finalizing a short term contract in Dubai. My Dsd arrived into Dubai last weekend and I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with him on his first couple of days in the city.

Having my my Dad over here for the next couple of months is great. He has promised to help me with the upcoming move to the new apartment and also more importantly – he will also help out with getting the place furnished and arranged in a tasteful manner. It was clear that he had all ready started this planning as we were soon off to visit BO Concept, ID Design, The One, Singways, Home Center and IKEA to look at various bits of furniture. These shops I had put on my “approved list” else I would still be walking around furniture stores now. Armed with the store catalogues and graph paper I know my Dad will be putting together an excellent layout for each of the rooms and all I will need to do is write the cheque for the furniture. Even when it arrives I imagine he will enjoy supervising the construction and ensuring everything is “centered” on one thing or another.

Aside from furniture shopping we made the obligatory trip to Marks and Spencer to get him some essentials, it is a nice treat if you have spent many years living Vietnam. After this we went to check out his serviced apartment which is situated in the Old Town – in fact in the same block as my friend Chris.

We took some time to have a look around the Souk Al-Bahar in the Old Town Island. The architects there have done an excellent job – while it is perhaps similar to the Medinat it has a much more up market feel and I am sure will become a major tourist draw in time.

When I compare my rather erratic start to finding somewhere to live in Dubai and get tv and internet going – my Father had it easy. The service apartment had it all up and running all ready. My Dad seems very happy in his Old Town apartment though he made three comments to me about the flat :

1. “I keep banging my head on the cupboard when I do the washing up

2. “There is no thermostat on the shower”

3. “There does not seem to be enough hot water

When I heard this I could only smile and suggested he has a drink in the Sports Bar in the nearby hotel with Chris and compare stories. Sadly the weekend came to an abrupt late Saturday afternoon, when I commenced another six days on the road. I am sure by the time I get back he will have got everything “well sorted” and we can go and look for some home office furniture.


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