Posted by: englishdubai | March 20, 2008

Tiny Hummers

I really enjoy reading a magazine called Wired – the articles provide a well written insight into some of the biggest technology phenomenons. Want to know about the development of the first iPod or how the iPhone sprang into life? these are the guys. They of course provide the regular slew of gadget reviews but one thing caught my eye a few issues and it was a tiny article on Tilt-Shift photography.

Rather than having to invest in the lens technology to create this “miniaturisation” or model effect on photos Wired outlined how it could be done in Photoshop. Sadly the instructions were not quite sufficient for a novice at Photoshop like myself.

Usually for photo editing and cataloguing I use Picasa – it is fast, easy to use and I can quickly get photos on-line. However a quick search on google I found an easy to follow tutorial. A couple of hours to myself, some gentle music in the background and I got stuck in. After some trial and error I found I could get a nice effect with vehicles.

Here is my best result from a photo I originally took nearly 15 months ago on the Hummer HUB trip – you get a better feel for it if you click the photo.

It is amazing the power of Photoshop and I am now inspired after this and reading Dubaibilly‘s recent posts I will be investigating PS Hero for some more fun effects to give a new perspective on Dubai life.


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