Posted by: englishdubai | March 27, 2008

Fit For a King

After a six week wait and three fittings I picked up my tailor made suit today. While it was a pain to keep on going to Bur Dubai where you have to battle the traffic then wage war for a parking space (tip take a taxi) the end result was worth it.

The first two fittings involved trying on a template suit made out of muslin. Each time two tailors fussed around me, sticking pins, measuring certain areas intently and scrawling on the suit with tailors chalk in other areas. At all times I was asked “Is this comfortable sir” and on my second visit I was able to change a few of the small design details. No amount of changes or mods was any trouble prior to the cutting of the actual fabric. Here is my template suit which will be used should I ever want another one from Parmar (almost a certainty) which would mean only one fitting moving forward:

I also had some tailored shirts done – I was able to take these with me at the first fitting. I am really pleased with them. For once in my life these shirts fit nicely around the body with the right arm length and the detailing on the cuffs and buttons is pleasing on the eye.

I was getting a little worried as this weekend the Dubai World Cup is on and I wanted to give the suits its first outing as this prestigious occasion. With only a few days left Parmer came through and told me to collect it at 4.30pm today. Sure enough it was ready to go and I am really pleased with the result.

The inside lining, piping and overall detail is excellent. I had my name put on it (just in case in some haze I forgot who I was) which turned into a really nice touch:

The suit has working cuffs and a nice detail on the flower button hole which is stitched to match the pin stripe of the suit:

Sure the suit cost more than I am use to spending. However, the fit is excellent. The styling is modern, the detailing distinctive yet subtle and the weight and feel of the material is top notch.

My flat mate had a look at this afternoon – it seems I will be making another visit on Saturday morning to get him measured up. I am sure I will probably indulge in something slightly more formal for the office. I can only recommend Parmar Tailors – if you want the best in Dubai then these guys deliver. Recommend 10/10.


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