Posted by: englishdubai | April 27, 2008

A Verdant Community

Summer is finally here. I class the summer arriving in Dubai on the first day it exceeds the record temperature in the UK i.e. 37c but even more than that the humidity has picked up about 20% in the last week and it is certainly getting more sticky.

For the last ten months I have lived very near Safa Park. For one reason or another I only made my first trip there this weekend. As the summer closed in a few of the guys thought we would make the most of the weather and have a barbeque and a bit of a kick about.

The first thing that struck me after paying my three dirhams entry fee was the greenness that I was greeted with. I suppose I should not be surprised – after all I was walking into a park. But day after day of construction, motorways and concrete left me with a pleasing feeling being surrounded by lush foliage.

However the backdrop of the ever changing Dubai made for a rather dramatic contrast:

Like all parks around the world games of football abound. It was interesting to note that football in Safa Park had almost a Sunday League feel to it. Teams ranged from pro looking guys in matching shirts to the guys down there for a bit of a run around in their favorite premiere league shirt. Just seemed to be something warm and familiar with lots of people playing football all over the place:

We spent a glorious afternoon in the park with many families equally enjoying the wide spaces and excellent facilities that the park affords. Barbecue areas, kids playgrounds, a lake and even a train made for a very relaxed atmosphere.

Not since an afternoon in Hyde Park quite a few years ago had I felt the unique feeling of community atmosphere in a park where everyone was there to simply enjoy their company in nice surroundings.

Safa Park is truly a gem in Dubai. There are rumors currently running rife that part of it will be knocked down for a development or the creek extension. I would urge you to enjoy Safa Park while you can before it becomes a distant memory.


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