Posted by: englishdubai | April 27, 2008

Dubai X6 Stylin’

A combination of intense work travel, a vacation and a bout of flu has left my blog a little neglected. However I am feeling a lot better and saw a few things over the weekend that has made me want to write some catch ups.

On a trip to Germany in February I saw the new BMW X6 on proud display in Munich airport. I got some odd looks as I ended up having a double take, a peer inside and finally a photo. I think the Bavarian onlookers wondered what was so special about BMWs latest effort. To me it looked like the ultimate “Urban Luxo-SUV” – here it is in dazzling red:

I thought to myself that the highly luxurious interior, sporty engine and four wheel drive mode would go well in Dubai. Of course it would have to come in “Dubai White” with the obligatory “limo tint” all on windows for it to be Dubai worthy.

I could barely contain a smile when walking down to Safa park this weekend I saw my first Dubai based BMW x6. True to form it came in Dubai livery:

I expect that this will do well with the many BMW fans in Dubai who are tired of their X5’s and are looking for something a little different. For me I will only be an admirer.


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