Posted by: englishdubai | May 4, 2008

I got the key

After 15 months of patiently waiting, form filling, making numerous calls to the developer, making numerous calls to the mortgage company and writing unfeasible big cheques I am now the proud owner of a Dubai Marina property. Everytime I made a trip from Dubai and I arrived back at the airport the first thing I saw when entering the country, after exiting e-gate, was an advertisement for Dubai Marina – it shows a nice rendering of where I will be living overlooking the yacht club. It was also a great motivator to remind me of what I was working toward:

The taster I got in February when I went for the snagging was enough for me to drive the process to conclusion today. Having spent a good deal of time at the cashiers and handover department I got the impression that I was not the only one struggling with the process. But over the last week I have learnt a great deal about completing a property purchase in Dubai. Here is my distilled wisdom on the subject:

1. Once the developer sends you the letter if the handover date – go and see the mortgage company to get details of the final payments

2. Make the final payments about 6-7 working days before the handover date

3. Save every document from the whole process in a safe place

4. Never leave home without your passport

5. Bring a book for the waiting

The overall process is reasonably straightforward once you have been through it once – I just felt a little confused first time around. Having said that the friendly call center staff are willing to good advice and guidance if pushed.

During the final stage of the handover when the nice handover agent handed my the keys – there was a slight pause and a congratulatory well done. It made me feel great.

Once I had the keys in the palm of my hand I shot down to the apartment in Dubai Marina and sure enough most of the major snags had been dealt with. There are a few things that need some attention and one good clean will see the back of the thin layer of dust that had settled.

I have a busy week ahead of me dealing with deliveries, removal men, curtain people and the cable guy. However I think I will need to go and see the developer again. The parking spot I have been allocated while protecting the car from both sides only allows me to exit the car through the boot – hardly ideal, but at least I am in the apartment and I can work on these things. I am looking forward to it. More on the flat itself and communal facilties soon. For now I am worn out, but happy.


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