Posted by: englishdubai | May 6, 2008

Danger Illustrated

On a recent trip to Dibba I mentioned that my friend’s mesmerized the campers with an evocative display of fire poi. I do not think I really gave it the justice it deserved and I wanted to share the experience a little more. I took a video of one of the displays and my hat goes off to Ursula who despite performing for a crowd for the first time and getting burnt at one point, does not flinch at all and pulls off some stunning moves. Certainly this is not something for the kids!

Here it is “straight out of the camera” I was sat next to the stereo and the soundtrack fits really well:

My friend Rupert got in on the act and with the help of his nice camera, a tripod and a good measure of skill, captured a few stunning shots:

The rest of them can be found over at Rupert’s website here. I will now give a shameless plug to my friends, who are available to come and perform at your next special event for a fee. Their website will be launched any day now.

For me, they are nothing short of sensational.

EDIT: This post appeared in Gulf News on the 13th May 2008


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