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Tears Stream, Down my Face

I recently had three of my close friends over for a vacation. As usual my idea of a good vacation involves not going anywhere near an airport. Though the weather had warmed up a lot towards the end of May and early June it was quite bearable as the humidity has only kicked in over the last few days which makes things extra uncomfortable.

We spent the week enjoying my new apartment and the excellent facilities the development offers as well as the usual Dubai treats including Wild Wadi, Souk Madinat, Friday Brunches and even an excursion out to the Hatta Pools. However on top of all these fun things they were fortunate enough to coincide their holiday with one of the now infamous “Casa Jumeriah” house parties.

The bi-annual fancy dress party is something savoured amongst my Dubai circle of friends as a highlight in the social calendar. With the previous themes of Circus and Rome going down well there is always some pressure to deliver something even better for the next one. This time around – we Rocked!

The boys did an excellent job in staging the villa with a whole wall of speakers providing a suitable backdrop for the carnage that was sure to unfold later that evening. For one night only – Kiss made a reappearance. All of the Casa Jumeriah boys both past and present donning the face paint and obligatory inflatable guitars:

With an iTunes playlist crafted over some weeks consisting of everything from AC/DC to Zeppelin it attracted a large crowd with 90% of people making a great effort in their outfits. Following the success of a little bit of catering at the last party we repeated the feat and got “Eat and Drinks” finest Chicken Shwarma man to make a appearance and they did a great job of feeding the masses through the evening:

I am not sure what it is – but for some reason the amount of alcohol one consumes seems to have a direct corelation with how tasty a Chicken Shwarma is. Still, even with the lashings of garlic mayo each one comes with the boys from Kiss found some AC/DC school girls for a fun photo:

The following morning we had to get up at a reasonable time as the main protagonists have a tradition of meeting for brunch at Carters. Here we recount stories from the previous nights, laugh at each others antics and review the all important photos.

I knew something was not right when I woke up and had blurry vision. I put it down to my hangover, but on exposure to outdoor Sun and as I sat in Carters my right eye started to hurt . A lot. Ten minutes later one of my good friends took me over the American Hospital and I sat patiently in the ER room with an ice pack over my eye.

In short order I saw the Doctor. He took one look at my eye and immediately administered some anaesthetic drops which was pure mana from heaven. It took my eye from a painful burning feeling to normal in seconds. Then he put some dye in my eye and with a UV light could see the damage. I was diagnosed with a scratched cornea. He prescribed me a patch for my eye, antibiotic drops, some strong painkillers and a visit to the Ophthalmic Doctor the following day.

I look back and think it must have happened when removing the face makeup and I more than likely did the damage with a towel. I have to admit to being worried – I was basically without sight in my right eye. I will state the obvious but sight is so precious and you don’t realise this till it is gone.

The rest of the day was very uncomfortable – I slept as well as I could. My eye was streaming most of the day and the eye drops were painful each time I out them in. The following morning I woke up feeling much better and there was a noticeable improvement in my vision. I went to see the Opthalmic Doctor that morning and he was pleased with my recovery and told me only to see him again if I had any further problems. I was amazed in the space of 48 hours it had cleared up and within 72 hours even I would never have known.

For about about 24 hours I had both my eyes closed, getting back the ability to look and see was a revelation. Colors looked so vivid and lush. I appreciate High Def TV even more and I doubt I will be wearing face make up in a hurry. But the moral of this story? Good medical coverage in Dubai is essential and don’t get blind drunk.


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